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Thanks for inviting me to the table and the family celebration. I felt like I was there.
This is a great tribute. It did give me flashbacks to contestants on fear factor trying to down the 100 year old eggs. But it was a great description of many food I will never be brave enough to try.
I found this not only enjoyably informative but warm hearted in such a family legacy of ministry.
No way would I have eaten those eggs either. This was a lovely story of devotion and dedication to God and serving others.
I can't imagine trying to eat those eggs. :) I so enjoyed this reunion and celebration with your family, and the heart-warming details, like being able to pick up peanuts with chop-sticks. …and I could totally relate to the "meat and potatoes." :)
I enjoyed the details of the Chinese dinner in your story and found your description of the 100-year-old eggs more than sufficient reason not to try them.
I'm not a big fan of eggs anyway, but 100 year old eggs? :P Thanks for this fun read. :)
A delicacy beyond the usual taste. Interesting!