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OK, it may be because I'm a Mum, but this made me tear up...if the aim of writing is to give the reader an emotional experience, then you've succeeded...
What a great job you did with suspense here. You're a sly one to make the reader guess, "Were they able to rescue her?" The Mama's coming theme added to the emotional impact.
Great title those words always comfort. Great story!
God bless you as you continue to write for him.Ruth
I grew up in Oklahoma, so this sort of scenario is pretty terrifying to me... but you describe it SO well. Maybe TOO well.:) Good job!
Oh my, claustrophobia alert! Your descriptions were frightening but enthralling. Awesome last line. Great job!
Talk about fillers of excitement!
A very thoughful piece about Christians not being exempt suffering. Our study group is struggling with the fact that a member and friend died a couple of days ago from a brain tumour. Joy was a forty odd year old single mum with a special needs son.

So difficult to cope with! -

Thanks for reminding us there is hope, and God is in charge.

Love the reality of showing how as Christians we do suffer, but loved the way you used scripture to recall our hope in dire times of need. Great descriptions, Great story.
Filled with emotion and suspense and, most of all, hope!
You took this reader into her burial prison. I love your contrasts here, "all light is extinguished by the blackness of this hell on earth."
Oooo...I've been in tornadoes as a child. The fear and darkness is just like this. Made me shiver. As kids, we also huddled in hallways and whispered Bible verses as the havoc reined about us. The Word is a comfort in all situations.