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I enjoyed the almost 'pschizophrenic' pace and feel ... "muck" describes it well.
Oooooh - what boldness and honesty and description. I was totally engaged - and I love the analogy. Makes me look at my own characters in a different light.
I was reminded of the many times my own characters refuse to cooperate and take on a life of their own, creating the story themselves. Well-written.
OOOO...the skitzo writer. lol. This reminds me of karlene...not that she's skitzo...just her muse's musings. Ok...maybe we are all a bit skitzo. *shudder*
I've learnt something from this piece and the comments: skitzo writing! I thought the poetry bits were good - wouldn't tear my hair out if I'd written them (maybe I'm not understanding things right)
Wow! Is this what's it like to write a story? Very brave and honest writing.

God bless.
Wow on so many levels. Words can't express the thoughts racing through my head. You did such an outstanding job of letting me into your brain. I'm able to empathize. Great job.
Clever...clever...clever. I just wish I had characters that talked to me!
Right on, especially the descriptions at the end. I think all of our characters are a piece of us - the light side, the dark side, and everything in between.

Great writing all around!
I'm so glad that your characters are as much a part of you as real people. I know what this is like and am glad others can experience the same joy.
Wow, scary creative stuff!
Just want to comment on your marvellous opening line: "A pebble of ink quivers under my trembling pen." Sets the tone for the rest.
There's a lot of food for thought here... I'll have to read it again. It's interesting to read an in-depth and honest look at someone else's creative process. Very original and intriguing--well done!
I like the poetic portion of the story within the frenzy scribble, especially the sizing up of words Words WORDS! It's all a part of who we are, the two sides of our sanity throwing tantrums. A very creative and unique way of writing!
It's never dull at your house...especially when you can create your own company! LOL
Congratulations on placing in the top 15 of your level and the top 30 overall.