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Oh, the irony indeed! I'm laughing because I said THAT very thing while struggling with an idea of about writing about writer's block. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.
I love the stream of conscienceness of this. Sometimes that is what it takes to get over writer's block. Great, realistic entry.
Good job. It's a great description of the thought process of many a writer (me).
This sort of reminds me of James Joyce--but it's a lot more fun to read. I don't think I could ever write a story like this... more's the pity. Enjoyed it!
Was that Nat King Cole singing Ramblin' Rose in the background? Subliminal inspiration? A fun read.
This is one we can all relate to. I liked the line about the dog calling it writer's fence instead of block. It made me smile.
Very fun. Seemed like you'd been inside my brain while I'm fighting my way out of writer's block. Do all of us experience what you wrote about SO well? It was good, you know!
Your story came across as very "real." I'd like to read more about the dog and and writer's fence. Thank you for sharing your frustrations. Keep writing.
Wow. Good job. Very funny. Very fun. A smile lit up my face with each idea the MC had. When I came to the last paragraph I was a little disappointed because I'd reached the end of a fun read. The MC's thoughts seemed to tie it up, though. So it felt complete. But I still wish I could have read more :)
I liked the dog's "writer's fence" too. And also the one when she has the guy on a sinking ship. I'm not the only one who comes up with ideas like that when I'm blocked! Again, I really enjoyed this, and good job.
You had me laughing from the very start! This was pretty darn cute!
So clever, with just the right amount of humor sprinkled in! Terrific entry.