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I loved this! And a fresh take on the idea of critque-- she's not a villain, but a hero!

Nicely done. My brain is too tired tonight to bring out my own red pen. Hope you're okay with a compliment tonight.
Ah,Sara and her super heroes!

This was a cute take on the topic--you have quite the imagination!
Very cute and the image of: Here comes Red Pen to "Save the day!"

I learned that I don't know as much grammar as I thought because I suspect I missed some of the subtle humor. But what I did understand was funny.
And the Scarlet Fury strikes again!
she gave them a glare punctuated with her best eyebrow. This just cracked me up! A red pen as a super hero, if only we could always see it that way. Well done Sarah, I loved your MC, you made her seem so real. Great job!
Sawa, your creativity always leaves me breathless… what an adventure this was! Such fun here!
Delightfully creative personifications here! I enjoyed them very much.
Ah! Too funny! Loved it.
Outstanding humor and fun, and a great take on the topic. Way to go, Sera!