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What a tragic, beautiful, hopeful story. Great writing, awesome message.
I had to smile at "my mom was …older" :) What a beautiful story, a story of grief, sorrow, and then healing. I loved your ending! Very nice work!
Oh yes, really well done! I am particularly fond of butterflies; your story reflects the idea, of course, of the beautiful new life coming out of stark ugliness. I really felt it all. Great job!
Very beautiful account of a damaged woman's inner healing. The symbolism of the butterfly is wonderful. I've never read a better description of sorrow: "clawing" at her throat.

Your story affected me in a very personal way because I have a close friend whose father shot her mother - 11 years later it's still a deep struggle for her.
I also ask, "Is this true?" Poignant, real. Thank you.
This was a fascinating story. The idea of the Butterfly House was a wonderful conclusion. This is one of your best stories (and other people's, too!
This one had me What a powerful and sad story. Creative take on the manuscript.

My only tiny suggestion would be a bit more showing in the moments of reading the manuscript to put us in the room with them.

This really showed how healing writing can be. Loved the butterfly analogy.
Gorgeously written and so amazingly heart-wrenching. I was right there. Beautifully told.
I really like the story line and they way you are telling it. For me it seemed a bit rushed with so many things being introduced to reach the final climax of the story. Yet, each thing needed to be said to understand the deeper meaning behind the "Butterfly House". You packed a lot of power into a 750 word limit - well done.
This is just so fresh. Very well-written. I love it when the writing seems effortless in telling the story. No fluff. Love it.

Wow! What an intense, beautifully written, and realistic story--I can understand why so many people thought it was true. You infuse it with so many details and real, bittersweet emotion, we feel like we know these characters. Very well done!