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I imagine this is exactly what happened with John. Love your title:)
WOW! So vivid and powerful!
What a manuscript to write! You did good with the little details. I can just see John shaking his head and sweat flies freely from his brow. Powerful entry.
A really well-done piece of imagery of the production of one of our greatest manuscripts.
Well woven together, giving life to John's writing of Revelation.
It slowly dawned on me who you were writing about and the circumstances. You've surely depicted the emotion surrounding John as he penned Revelation. Wow!
I could see John anguishing. Your descriptions are so vivid. I caught on what was being written about a third of the way through, but was still pleasantly surprised to see I was right. This is full of emotion. Masterfully done.
You brought this story to life. Well done.
Masterful presentation of John!
Very vivid tale, I started catching on about half way through. Great writing!
You did an wonderful job of showing John's likely emaotions and his humility in this. I enjoyed reading this all the more as I began to realize who the writer was and what it was that he was writing.
Writing historical fiction is not easy task and few are good at it - but you are, indeed. Your telling of this story is like a replay of scenes I had pictured in my own mind. A balance of truth and imagination - great job!
So well done. You've made it possible to imagine what John experienced.
Great imagery of what John must have felt. I also see John's ordeal of witnessing the final days and and then having to write them, as a yoke I am grateful not to have had.

You used several creative and effective descriptions and especially liked:His hand stuttered in mid sentence.
Good job! I could feel John's anguish at the enormity of the assignment he had received, and at his feelings of not being qualified to undertake such a task.
Vivid, powerful and inspirational!