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Your descriptions of the teacher and the scene in the bathroom were delightful.
I like this.

A bit confused about what the teacher was "looking for" and why/how that article proved she didn't cheat.

By the way, I think she CAN write. Not what the teacher was expecting, but a very realistic story for a high school girl.
Very creatively in the box on this topic! The teacher's comments confused me - I'm thinking there's more in your head than what made it to the paper, I mean screen. :) I like that she tanked the test so she could have her summer free - tells a lot about your MC. I also liked the last line, and wondering if the teacher saw her before selecting the topic. :)
Oooo, I love your ending. Didn't expect that! Good story. (I can't wait til the last day of school, too:) Only 3 Mondays left!!!!
Some confusion for me too. But some excellent description and scenes, very vividly done. I cringed with your MC when she was dabbing at the wound.
Wow... Mrs. Salow isn't exactly a nurturing teacher, is she? I'm glad that Meena recognizes her own abilities, and won't allow one cruel person to affect her life and goals. You made her very real, and I felt for her!
Your MC's resourcefulness (with the water for her knee) was ah, quite , ah, "interesting". :) LOL! ..and I LOVED your twist ending!!