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I absolutely LOVED this! That is the craft of writing at its finest when God comforts, inspires, teaches a powerful lesson. (I heard you, Lord.)
AWESOME, well done, clever and POWERFUL! I have goosebumps of victory in connecting with you as you addressed Spiritual Warfare. Praise God!

This was great in every single aspect for me, so words grip me with inadequacy. Can't wait to follow your writing as soon as I know who you are :)
This is very powerful and took courage to write it.
Wow, this would be a great opening for a novel! Very intriguing read!

I love how Barak, one of the "weakest angels", is sent to protect the girl. God often uses those who the world sees as weak to accomplish His greatest wonders.

Thumbs up on this story!
I remember you telling me about the idea for this one, Mick. I'm not sure what became of it as far as you pursuing a full blown novel, but I'm glad that you chose to use the idea for a challenge entry. I love the idea of God's angels watching over us and fighting battles for us. I'm a fan!