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Wow! So very, very powerful! I know you've used a lot of symbolism in this story. I kept reading and hoping for your "author." Your gripping story propelled me! You are a skillful writer!
I wasn't sure at first if I understood what was happening, but it turned out I did. The ending is so powerful and a wonderful lesson about what our lives really should be about. I'm not sure if I understood the pears, but the story was riveting just the same.
Sara: This was riviting--I held my breath waiting to see if she would ever get any approval at all from the reader--so glad she finally did. Awesome job. (I didn't get the pears either...LOL)
Love this type of writing in that it makes you dig for the meaning and understanding. And, when it's handled with skill, like you've done, it makes the quest that much more worthwhile. I really liked a couple of phrases you used at the beginning, "Hour of agony" and "Totally on my own now."
It's interesting, too, who you chose the "reader" to be, yet not so unusual the fretful sense we feel as someone reads our lives.
This was very well written and drew me in from the start. I felt like cheering when the Reader explained that the Author didn't need the whole book anymore because the rest of her life was blessed and she could now go ahead and build on further experiences and on Truth. Such an incredible picture of Salvation and our new lives, in Christ. A very powerful point, very well made.
You have conveyed the message of Psalm 8:4-5 very well in showing the insignificance of man, yet with Jesus as our Lord, we are blessed.
You really showed without telling, bringing your readers into the story, experiencing every emotion.
Congratulations in placing in the top 40 over-all and in the top 15 of your level. Good job!