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Ooo, good use of the topic. I wish the word count wasn't quite so small, I felt like this was just a taste of what the story could have been.
As a teacher for Adult Literacy I can easily recognize the dilemma of these two men. Your title could not be more perfect: Trapped. You did a great job with description, dialogue and setting - I could picture everything.
You did a great job fleshing out these characters and the setting. Plus the dialog was just right. Story plot hit the topic right on, too.
Great lesson within a well-crafted story.
Perfect dialog; some of my favorite reading is of the northern climates in the 1800's. I knew right away why they weren't reading the note, but was guessing all kinds of T words myself. Really good entry.
I agree, the title is perfect. Excellent creative treatment of the prompt, and so well done!
Wonderful setting descriptions...the chill reached clear through to my bones. You always immerse your reader into your story! What a gift you have!
This has the feel of being an excerpt from a book... any chances in the future?
Love your creativity!

And imagine, I didn't find any punctuation errors! LOL
Wow! Excellent take on the topic.

I'm learning from the Masters!
Thank You.