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Well written,informative and on topic.
You did a good job on retelling the history. It was a good read and gave me information I had not known before.
The story of a true statesman; more of a statesman than I knew about. It must be very lonely at the top. His pen indeed drew a mighty sword swath. Thank you for this great article.
Wow...a beautiful look into a presidents heart in the midst of this historical event...the message rang clear...God is faithful to His people!! Thanks for this historical yet poignant work,
Congratulations on how you have opened a window into the minds behind the real-life drama that has changed the course of history - and still occupies so many news headlines. Well done Stan!
Stanley, congrats on placing in the top fifteen in Advanced!

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Very, very good Stan. I'd heard that about President Truman, but now I know it to be fact. I'm a strong supporter of Israel myself as is the rest of my family. Isn't ironic that he was the first politician to advocate National Health Care. I'll take Trumancare over what we're going to get now.