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What a great out of the box entry! I love the way you wove his life beginning with his birth. Very descriptive writing that really brings it to life and especially loved the tidbit at the end on the passion flower. Loved it!
What a creative way to tell this story. Thank you.
I loved this intimate picture of Jesus' private world.
Very unique entry. The last line of the store where the Spirit lead? or leads him away to the 'desert'. Watch your spelling. Tense seemed ok.
I like this very much, and I like the use of present tense. You slipped into past tense a few times, though. Also, a few random words were capitalized...but these are minor, and picky. This was very good writing, and a creative way to look at the topic. Thanks!
The descriptive writing was lovely, and the view of things through Jesus eyes was unique. A pleasure to read, thanks!
This is a moving piece. I often wonder what Jesus thought and felt. You have given us a possible glimpse. Thank you.
I like it. :-) I did notice a tense change in the second sentence (but probably wouldn't have noticed it if you hadn't asked). "His shelter did little to shield Him..." should be "does little to shield". Great story!
A very beautiful entry! Thanks for sharing!
Very interesting read. Although Debra pointed out the spelling error in the last line, I'm sure Jesus would have prefered going to dessert!
This was beautiful - I could almost feel it as well as see it happening. Well done!