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I love the character and situation you have set up, and this feels like the beginning of a longer work. Would love to read more!
This is wonderful. I have teats in my eyes It's amazing what hate can do.
A great start to something....
Uhm... so sorry about my comment I meant to say I had tears in my eyes, obviously the tears blurred my eyesight so I didn't notice my typo. I hope it gave you a laugh. Your story really is great!
Enjoyed your I'd like to read a flashback in time and meet Silver.
What a clever title for your well written story. I loved the twist at the end.
Wow! Yes, this was a challenge to squeeze into 750 words. This would make a wonderful novel. I was captivated! I love your title (especially after reading the story.) Excellent!!
A a silver bolt! Er...I mean, a bolt of...oh never mind! Cleve word play! I liked the story and the twist that Silver was dead. What a fun read!
Wow, that WAS a lot to get into 750 words... civil war, gun running, spies, old loves, new problems. I could definatly see this expanded into a father and son escape to the west, or does Colgan feel too duty bound to the confederacy? Good for you to get in all in!
An interesting introduction to a story waiting to be expanded. The pace seems to pick up a little faster nearing the end. I'm not sure whether it's just me, but somehow I feel there should be something more to build up to the climate at the end. I guess the word limit just doesn't allow it. Hope will get to read the rest of the story.