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I hear you.
What a view into this woman's pain! Good treatment of a difficult, emotional situation.
I wondered what was up when she went home instead of being at his side!

I could feel the emotion of it all being surreal in the way you told the story.

Good job!
A very interesting twist on an intense topic. My heart goes out to the wife,
You did a great job of depicting that feeling of numbness that accompanies this kind of pain.
Heart wrenching. I could feel the numbness envelop her as he walked out the door. So sad how often this happens.
What an emotional view of the end of a marriage you present. I was impressed by the symbolism of the coldness and brokenness of the plate. Well done.
Hmmm, wow. Pain from so many angles. I could feel the depth of sadness throughout this entire piece. Good job
Well written. It shows only too well the emotions of a marriage ending. I like the way you portrayed your MC-almost dispassionate in a way. It is sometimes easier to cope that way. Excellent job Wonder-r.
Wow! Heartbreaking, gripping, so well-written. I know this is reality… but I still wanted a happy ending.
I'm amazed at how much you portrayed of emotions, scenes, and crises in 750 words, yet made it all weave together perfectly. Most excellent!
Strong emotions, powerful, deep and painful. Hard to write to show the anguish, but you really pulled it off.
True drama.