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I completely and utterly (redundant I know, but it works!) enjoyed this story. Had several moments of laughing out loud and could visualize that cabin perfectly. Sad to see the rat leave. Loved your imaginative ending. My mind went all over the place picturing how your little friend got that gold nugget there.
Very entertaining. I felt I was right in that lil cabin with you and the rat.
What a well-written and entertaining story! I love your MC - I wavered between picturing Yosemite Sam and Grizzly Adams. :) I like the truce, and semi-friendship that developed between this lonely man and the varmint. And the ending...priceless. :)
I liked it also. Amazing who we will make friends with when we are lonely. Cute ending too.
I loved this humorous tail! ... I was hoping the rat would become a pet and not squished into oblivion. :) The title is perfect for this gold-nugget tale!
I thought the gold nugget was fitting recompense for the kindness you showed your little rat buddy. Good job!
I loved it.
A beautiful and vivid story of an unlikely friendship! Loved the ending, too--well done.
Congratulations on the top 40!