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Beautiful, brought a tear to my eyes. To build this up, try using some beats in the early part, nonetheless, this is a moving essay - thanks.
As tears flow - yes I can only imagine. Well done.
This is GOOD. I've known grieving parents who have prayed that prayer and have had it answered by God. A tear-jerker.
Ditto on the tears. No matter how many times we hear of a salvation, the greatest joy a parent can have is to know their child is saved. thank you!
I enjoyed the flow of this piece - starting at the post office and ending at the lady's house. A well-constructed story with (sniff, sniff - dab the tears away) believable characters and dialogue.
I agree that the last half flowed easier, with the added "beats" and descriptions of action. But it's a wonderful, sweet story, the sort of human interest bit you see on the news sometimes. I liked it a lot.
Lovely entry. I moved into a retired post office 10 years ago and found a letter. Took it to the new p.o. and they forwarded to the rightful addressee. Your message at the end - manifique!
Oh sob! This was beautiful! I agree that the second half flowed better. I'd rewrite it to avoid some of the 'Sarah/Rachel' references, but I know it can be difficult to avoid confusion when 'her' could refer to either party. Sniff, Sob! God Bless, Karen
Agree with all the above comments. A lovely piece. Well done.
Beautiful. :)
All I can say is "ditto". Nice job!
Great idea for the topic! Chicken Soup for the Faithful Soul.

P.S. See your post on the boards for some recommended reading about the use of "beats" and "tags" in writing dialogue.
Jan, I'm only just getting around the Postcards semi-finalists now, but wanted to make sure that you knew you were in the list, and right up there in the running. In fact, you just missed making it into the Editors' Choice - you placed 9th overall. So well done! I thought this was a delightful entry - heartwarming and very special. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)