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I had to laugh at the last line because I too was concerned for the mouse's safety. Good job,
Loved your true story! Had a similar experience. My daughter's boyfriend bought a white mouse at the pet store. Mouse got loose and ran under my feet while I was driving! Luckily, we made it to the side of the road, too. You definitely captured that frantic feeling! Fun read!
Yes, excellent description of the pandemonium in the car with the mouse, plus an excellent last line. Great story!
Brilliant! Kept my interest from beginning to end. Great job! (Guess you'd never use my phone - as it's a foot tall Mickey Mouse antique phone, and is on my List of THING TO SAVE should I have a fire and could only carry out three or four things.(*.*) Kudos!
My neighbor once had a mouse run up her pants leg while she was driving. No place to pull over due to a snowstorm so she grabbed him mid-climb and held on in sheer panic til she could. By then the poor little mite was unconscious or deceased (she never checked which)and she abandoned him heartlessly by the roadside.

Your little "mouse tale" is very funny and well done.
Oh, this made me shiver and squirm! I felt like I was in the car with you, facing my own greatest fear. Which means, of course, you did a great job telling this story.