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Wow what a wonderful way you have with words. I have goosebumps.
Wow how beautiful. You make words dance. Thank you I loved it. I also feel I want to join in with raised hands.
You painted a beautiful picture in this piece. I hope you share this with the little bird. ;-)
I really enjoyed this - my favorite lines were "Just emotion in an upraised hand,
As her silent fingers begin dancing."
I agree with all above comments. Excellent imagery and word use and message! Just one thing tripped me up a bit in the first stanza. "An angel beside me in a family church,
As a little bird sang her praise." I read that as the little bird singing praise TO THE ANGEL, the 'her' seeming to refer back to the angel in my mind. Which then made them two separate entities and confused me further along in the poem, until I re-read it and figured it out. But it didn't seem to confuse anyone else that way, so maybe it's just me. :-)
Even though I haven't figured out all that you're telling us, here, the word pictures are just beautiful. What came to my mind was an angel of a young girl doing sign language along with a choir-practice group of people singing. Your poetry is a clever way to express the challenge topic, too. How often our attention is snared in the midst of the world's noise and we find silence in focusing on something worth noticing. I relish reading this.
In the midst of the storm, eyes focused and following - no distraction but watching the fingers dancing. Beautifully done and expressed!
This was simply amazing! I can't find words to say how beautiful and image-filled your poem is. I am so glad I read it.
Absolutely beautiful!
Indeed, I saw your heart shining in this beautiful poem. You made the words dance.