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Somehow I was under the impression (from your title) that you entry had to do with the ocean. :) You have "man's logic" down pat with the mall diagram to avoid unnecessary double-backing. LOL! "Wifferdill" is a new word for me. :) I enjoyed Dad's assertiveness and the mother's reaction. … a lot of entertaining fun here!
I could so identify - with everything!Tereffic job.
Poor guy...He had such good intentions:) Funny stuff.
Superb. I'm probably looking at this scenario in about 14 years with my little princess:) You also introduced me to a new word- "wifferdill." Well written and fun to read! Great job!
I went shopping with my daughter once; spent too much money I didn't have and let her buy some out-landish looking outfits that she never wore. It was a fun read for me
This was brilliant. I loved the POV...perfect for the tone of this. Great characterization of Decker, and an even sharper one of Leandra knowing the exact moment she had him in her clutches. So, so funny, cause it's so, so true:) I'm still grinning...
Great story. Mother should have known better!
This was a hoot! What a sweet guy, trying so hard to please the women in his life! Thoroughly enjoyed this.
I think that I'm suddenly glad that I only have sons. I'm lucky if I can get them to change their socks from time to time.
Wonderfully exquisit writing. Your title also threw me but the rest more than made up for it.
Oh my, what a masterful piece of writing!
Awesome and challenging person/tense. So perfect I can't help but keep giggling as I write this.
You just keep getting better all the time! What a fun read! I enjoyed every single word! Thank you!!
I wasn't sure I liked the POV at first. It seemed awkward to me, but before I hit the middle you had me. Good job. You tackled every dilemma beautifully.
This was a fun story to read. I felt sorry for Decker because he was in over his head. On the other hand, he was kind of ornery in allowing his daughter to do things "differently", knowing there would be repercussions when his wife got home. Good story.
Ah, the dangers involved in being the father of a daughter.
I can feel the pace in the story. Phew! It's certainly not easy to be the father of a daughter, especially when it comes to shopping. LoL! (",)
Very cute story. An enjoyable read with all very likeable characters. Very nice.
I knew this one would be up there! Are you going for an Olympic record in EC's Lisa? :-D
Loved the voice in this fun story. Congrautlations on your EC win!
Loved this POV. Great job!
Right from the beginning I knew your MC was hard-wired for failure. But congratulations on keeping the lightness flowing along towards an inevitably morbid close. Very well done.
Congrats, Lisa! I love the voice and the POV, and I can't help but feel sorry for poor Decker. And yes, his wife seems to have come control issues. Nice Job!!
Congrats, Lisa, on your Editor's Choice with this oceanic story! :)
Congrats on your EC, Lisa. This story makes me laugh and I was so glad to see it place.