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This is the best example of 'Ohhh..." I have read so far!

You did a great job; just the right tone of indignation and humble pie. Good job!
I enjoyed this. Loved your descriptive beginning, explosive middle and loving ending!
I so loved this! The honesty was great and haven't we ALL sat in THAT seat!!!!!! Scrumptious description of my favorite - pot roast by the way! This smacks winner!
Loved the whole story, the ending was fantastic.
This is good--I really like it. Good writing, good story, and very real.
Ouch! Painful way to learn humility and a forgiving heart. I'm sure the daughter in the story will remember that grace-filled moment the rest of her life.
This story should of included illustrations. I want to see the car :-) Great job! I liked how you ended it, parked at the altar.
This story should of included illustrations. I want to see the car :-) Great job! I liked how you ended it, parked at the altar.
Perfect in so many ways. The inner dialogue was spot on...I've found myself thinking the same thought a few times as well : ) And, of course the revelation with the daughter - what's a guy to do? And the wife, well of course they often do read us like a book. The alter call at the end was the perfect touch - it shows the true inner character of the MC - someone most people would sincerely like to get to know.
I'm up against this kind of writing?
Let me just say "Congratulations" to you now.
Wow! Congratulations not only on your 2nd place but your EC win too!
Yeah, I'm with Karen. sigh.
Very deserved - congrats!
Ooops, no I meant I was with Rikki - "Phew" - competition is fierce!!
I loved your opening. Deliciously male.
Ohhhh, nooo! Over so soon?

Absolutely delightful . . . vivid storytelling . . . warming thoughts . . . bang on topic . . . I just love it when, some time later (not much, mind you), I know I’ll wonder if those events were something I read, or something I lived.

Congratulations, Stanley, on your 2nd Place Win . . . now, where did I leave that car?

Knowing what a cherry 66 Malibu looks like, I was hooked from your opening. The rest did not disappoint:) Fantastic writing, and congratulations on your EC!
It is a good lesson, we should care about people more than property, though not an easy lesson. I remember when I was young how my dad treated his cars, and how I hated him when he acted that way! In fact to this day sometimes I wish I were a storm turning over people's selfishness for their cars, and throwin them at will, destroying them if they believe their property is worth more than human lives.
That is of course, depending on the smallest word "if". Not saying I do not care about my property, just trying to put it in perspective.
Congratulations on your entry! So well deserved. This is a slice of real life and "tested" Christianity, isn't it? Loved it from beginning to the absolutely perfect ending!