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I liked this, though a bit of it was confusing,it was very interesting.
It is said beauty comes from much suffering. Great literature, art, etc., comes from such slings and arrows. Maya Angelou sums it up quite well in her book "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings". Enjoyed reading your submission tremendously.
I had trouble grasping parts of this. I understood the words, but I when I finished reading I still couldn't quite figure out why the main character's hands were hurting? I kept going back and rereading sections, trying to get a handle on it, but I still feel a bit confused.
You're right, your entry conveyed in an abstract flow of thought. I'm confused. But you do have a way with great words and phrases, nicely crafted piece of writing.
Thank you.

What a unique story and character you created. Though a little tricky to follow, the overall effect was satisfying. Thanks!
I wanted to "get it" more. I couldn't stop reading it to see what I missed. At first I thought leprosy, then perhaps hands that bled like Christ. lots of internal conflict.
02/10/10 much imagery here! I love the thought of her hands being used for the Lord's use.
You have some great imagery, but I had a hard time following this too...
You put such emotion in your work. I could empathize with the MC. Beautifully crafted.
Upon re-reading this with understanding (thank you for letting me know) - wow!! This is powerful. This line jumped off the page at me: It was too painful and too personal to regularly expose my tortured heart to Him. Beautifully done. Thank you.
Wow... what an intense and meaningful story! I'm still pondering it, but I'll go back and read it again in a day or two. Sometimes, God can use our weakness more fully than he can used our strength. Well done.