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Very creative! I think a lot of us can relate to this also, but for me it's usually a run-around throuh an automated phone system and I just want to scream, "Can I talk to a REAL person here?!?"
Oh my, I hope this isn't what happened to you recently. Most definitely a 'grrr' moment.

Maybe you should change your name to Crystal Ball, then you won't have any problems in the future :-)
You wrote a very amusing rendition of a super grr moment. I found myself giggling. I even started getting confused. I did notice you used you once instead of your, but other than that tiny mistake, it was delightful. I pasted the line below.

Please have you subject outline read before your first class tomorrow.
Someone has been reading my emails?! Just a hoot! It is the little Grrr monemts like this that we all endure. Great take on the topic.

Oh, the joys of electronic communication! So efficient when the system works well... so annoying when it doesn't! Good job.
Hello, wasn't this new technology age suppose to make our lives less stressful. This is almost too real for what is and can be happening in our world today. Well presented and yes, all to believable.
This is a perfect example of why I love our new technology so very much. Great job.
Extremely creative and funny! I enjoyed the pretend e-mails and interesting names. :) Bea Wiser would certainly be a better teacher than I M Smarter. Wisdom beats smarts any time. ;)