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That's about all I got too. LOL. A fun and interesting read, I learned a tad something about sports-er-football. I liked the MC, smart of her to put a decent effort into things. Thanks for sharing!
LOL! What a riot. This was a fun story to read. I'm still chuckling over the ending.
Oh yeah...been there, done that! Great take on the topic, believable dialogue, and just downright funny. Good job!
Tenderly and humorously done. Thanks.
Reminds me a little of the game of cricket. Full of odd little rules and where for most of the time very little progress is actually made!
Oh, this was fun...great mc voice and perfect ending!
Well written...believable dialogue..and humorous take on "huh?" Good Job!
I enjoyed your description of the sports guy and his sports-clueless wife. Fun to read!
You caught me at word one and held my attention through out. I smiled as I read it. Witty, with great dialogue! Well done!
Cute, fun, heart-warming! Perfect for the topic! Nice work!
This was a lot of fun to read! I definitely think she just needs to watch the game, observe, and ask questions as the plays happen. Who knows? A few games, and she may even become a fan!
Fantastic! And you do all that on horseback??? I love sports, and I'm still to fully grasp American football, though I guess you guys haven't got a handle on our Aussie Rules either. I appreciate how you kept this couple's dialogue together as you lightly touched on a testosterone passion.
This was so much fun to read. Actually, when you hear the game described, it does sound crazy, doesn't it?
Well done. My son and husband have felt the same way as the husband in your story when I ask too many questions. It was wonderfully told.
This reminds me of an old "I Love Lucy" episode where Lucy, wanting to get closer to her husband, does about the same things your MC did here. It was hilarious, as was your piece and the end conclusion of it all was that love shined through regardless if one understood the others interest or not.