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Nice fun story.
LOL! Ah, the dreaded GPS stories. I think most of us can relate to this in one way or another. I like the other acronym for GPS though, good one! A nice light read. ^_^
Very funny! We've had our own fun with our GPS.
I don't know who you are but STILL I could see you chuckling every time you wrote "U-turn." LOL. What a fun story.
HUH? indeed! Can't think of anything that would make me go "HUH?" more than a whacky GPS. Great story, well done.
sounds frustrating. Good application for the topic. Even if it was fiction, I'm sure a lot of GPS users can relate.
This happens pretty much every time we use a GPS! Nice little piece of humor with a good reminder that a prayer is always in order...and maybe a U-turn is a good idea!
How true that we all talk back to our machines when we're frustrated! Fun read!
We've had quite a few "huh?" moments with our GPS.. Very creative for the topic.. and a lot of fun!! :)
Oh! I can relate...funny and great ending.
Totally believeable!
At least they could laugh about it! It was NOT funny when it happened to me when driving in the snow for the very first time!

Great story!
Really cute; gave me a bunch of giggles.
An enjoyable read. We certainly should go with God's direction rather than the GPS! (",)
Funny, Cute, Well written. The Lord certainly does work in mysterious ways.

Hehe, fun story. My GPS can be interesting sometimes, too. If I hadn't known it was about a GPS ahead of time, I think the dialogue might have been confusing. Perhaps putting the GSP in italics or something could make is more clear. Otherwise good job.
GPS's can be either a real headache or a lifesaver! Looks like it was both for this couple. I've never heard our GPS tell us to take a u-turn, but the utter goofiness of the machine in the story makes it all the more humorous. Great "huh?" story!