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Your story is very poetic and sad. You did a good job creating a somber voice for the narrator. Nice work.
You drew me in. The intro seemed to promise humour, but without being mawkish you have honestly profiled what pain does to how we think. I hope the pain in this entry is only that of your MC rather than yours personally but, either way, this touching snapshot is very thought-provoking. Thank you for a personal reality-check.
Beautiful prose and enveloping atmosphere. Amazing!
For those who have experienced the things in your story, it was easy to form a mental picture. Your scenes had an obvious purpose to them and recreated scenes of a wife working through her cancer therapy.
A very sad story, but well-told.
You did an excellent job of describing the thoughts and feelings of someone who has hurt most of her life. My heart ached for the loneliness, and helplessness of the MC.
Very well written. You caused me to feel the MC's pain, both physical and emotional. Well done.
Lyrical and heartbreaking, Sara!

I was a little bit distracted by the tense switches.

Loved the stream-of-consciousness voice, and the way you draw your reader in to empathy with your protagonist. Lovely.
Wow, very sad. I felt I was in the aching mind of your MC...Amazing job
How heart breaking and so very real. Good writing.
You're great at pulling at the reader's heartstrings.
You never fail to amaze me with your versatility in writing style. Well done.
This should be in a publication for Cancer survivors. It was very real.

Good job, Sara.
You did a great job capturing the emotion of sorrow. I felt for your character and her lack of "purpose" and just existing. Well done.