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Congratulations on your insight of how long-term pain resurfaces, even in the fun that introduces your story, and how God's grace also reaches into the same painful memories to release fresh hope. Well done.
Beautiful! I could feel the pain of memories and the love of her friends that surrounded her. Well done!
Your descriptions gave a real picture of the pain, as well as the caring, in this room. I love how you ended with a note of "grace" for Jane. Lovely story.
The emotional pain never really goes away - great job showing this, and on Janie's almost child-like character remembering the parents she lost.
Do we ever get too old to wince at hurts from the past? No, I don't think so.
This gentle story offers sweetness, caring and a loving spirit.

Beautiful story.
I was hoping James would react to the song!
This was a hard one for me to read as my mother is in a nursing home. She has chosen to be there even though we thought we could do better. She won't talk about anything and withdraws into her own pain--present and otherwise. This reminds me that I must be a little more understanding of her, even when I don't understand at all. Very well written- sucked the emotion right out of me!
Well-written, emotional piece.
What a lovely, touching story. Well done.
A really moving piece showing sweet care and kindness, which God loves. Long range memory recall is always better than the short in older age. Thank you for creating such a moving piece.

So touching. Your descriptions of the elderly folks were very well done. This piece will long be remembered in our hearts.
Yes, it's like Noel said, "long term pain does resurface" and you have written of it so well. You have a good understanding of older people and the pain they encounter. Super job!
What a sweet and tender story, beautifully written! I loved your depiction of how all the residents comforted Janie. Well done.
Very touching indeed. Good job of measuring out the love to equal the pain. Well done.
This is a very moving story that definately shows the power of music to heal. Thanks for sharing it.
How beautiful! I could almost feel the tension in the room, then the calm being spread over it like a warm Linus blanket when they started singing about Jesus. This is such a touching story! I wish it could find its way into print in the right magazine or venue.
I was touched the FIRST time I read this, Carole, with your sensitivity and the power of music to move the soul. You could feel the emotion in this piece. Great job!!
I liked this piece the first time I read it and liked it even more the second time around. That is one of my favorite songs.
This is very realistic and full of compassion. And, it is very readable, too. Well done, friend!