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And he was so surprised when David's stone hit him because nothing like that had ever entered his head before! I like the colour and energy - and the touch of realistic humour you have given Goliath. You need to watch for misspellings: "big mans bones" should be "big man's bones," and "could not bare it..." should be "could not bear it..." although these are minor spots on a good story
I liked this story but the last sentence threw me. Switching to the omniscient commentator at that point left me with a jolt rather than a smile/chuckle. I loved how you brought Goliath to life in the first part of the story.
Thank you for this story. I loved how you portrayed Goliath. Who would have thought a tiny rock could kill a giant. Isn't God wonderful. Keep writing.
This is an interesting look at Goliath.
This was very creative. I do so enjoy when writers bring a good Bible story to life. Just a few small bobbles , but overall a very good story.
Since you don't have the private message service, just wanted to leave you a comment here. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my story "Kissed by the Sun" and letting me know your thoughts. I appreciate it very much. For your vocabulary enhancement, may I suggest :-)Here's the link to 'gentlemanly':

Wonderful description of a day in the life of a "champion". Kept the reader involved all the way. It was a nice job of not bringing David into the story and would have been even better with another 750 words to give David's side. Not needed here with the word limit. God bless and keep writing!
You obviously did some research and I love reading Bible stories that include that.