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Wow that was a scary piece.
I could feel it all. You put a lot of work into this.Well done.Keep writing,Ruth
You could definitely feel the anguish. Truly well written.
Extremely well done! I pray that if that is ever required of me that I will have the courage of Jacob!
Oh, I could feel his pain. Glad he didn't give in and in the end received his full reward as he went to stand before his King.
Chilling! Very descriptive and well written.
You presented very well the chilling possibilites Christians may face. I'm glad that's not the "end" though for Christian martyrs--just the end of suffering here.
Spooky...because you never know what could happen tomorrow. Well done.
Horrors like these are coming upon the world, so I read this knowing that this and so much worse WILL occur. Personally, I believe the church will be raptured before The Tribulation and scripture shows that people will be beheaded for refusing.
Very well told.

Wow! It is going to happen, some form or another.
Good story- could feel the intense emotions.
This was a well-written, emotionally intense story. I could "see" every bit of it. Excellent example of SHOWING, not telling.
Well done.
Whew, I could feel the tension all the way through. Good job!
Painful and hopeful. I liked the reference to his release from torment. Well done.
I agree with all the comments already made. Well written, and a goof reminder of what is to come, maybe sooner than we'd like.
Brutal and terrifying, but also well written and thought-provoking. I'm very glad that we as Christians know how the story will end!
Amen, and amen!!! So glad to know Who wins the war!!! Thank you for your very thought provoking story.
I'm not going to second-guess the judges because they do a great job; however, even after saying that I don't know how this one didn't place. It was incredibly well-written. And that's not to take away from the winners either cuz' their stories were well done. Please don't be discouraged because this was indeed a mighty fine story. Look at ALL the favorable comments you received.