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I was thinking that the dancer was actually an angel.
Well-written sci-fi piece. I want to know what happens next!
I'm not a sci-fi reader yet you had my attention and kept it.
Loved the phrasing/ treated her as a real person...
Grace took form, awesome!
I was full involved in the story!! Great job!!
This was intriguing from the start. Wasn't what you would expect and definitely not predictable. Really good.
Wow! I loved this piece because it surprised me. I enjoy a twist in a story. Although I don't usually read sci-fi, this story hooked me an reeled me in before I realized it was sci-fi and now wonder what will happen next.
Great sci-fi, and I, too, am not a sci-fi lover. Wonderful descriptions and characters. Full of "story" in just a few words.
I had no idea what to expect. I love when that happens! Beautifully done.
I'm not a big fan of sci-fi, but I could become one with stories like this. I really loved the descriptions and the characters and the twist. I guess kindness works in any universe.
Interesting! I was intrigued all the way through and was surprised that it turned out to be sci-fi..which I don't usually read. I like the ending....Grace.
The exquisite writing didn't prepare me for the sci-fi twist. Very cool story!
Got my interest from start to finish - great writing. I suppose it could have been an angel in disguise! Colin
A very compelling and original story! I love the twist at the end... I definitely didn't expect that. Good job!
A most unusual story. You caught my attention with your second paragraph - an unusual character and one worth discovering some more about.