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Thank you for allowing us to peek into all those books right along side you. I thought the bulletin board collection very fun; maybe it's time to take some of the old down and add the new?

You did a great job using colorful descriptions (pun intended)

The only line that tripped me up is this one:
My job as a data enterer is to input into the computer the book information, such as title, author, publisher, and key words for the on-line user.

Very bulky.Even if Data Enterer is the correct title of your job I would hesitate to use it. followed by 'input into' slows the sentence down even more.

Other then that, your piece flowed nicely. And I rather envy your position of having all those books at your fingertips! Marvelous!
I'll send you some of my "golden oldies" and you can add even more wonderful description to this piece. Very good.
Okay - now I have to go check my book collection... especially after the Oscar visit. I really enjoyed reading this. Fascinating job - kind of like exploring for new treasure everyday. What are the chances of finding a pic of Washington, or Lincoln....
I too tripped over the term "data enterer." I always thought it was data entry clerk or even data entry specialist. Other than that, good job. Since you call it highlights I did want one or two more sentences about the highlighted text. Was there a key to the different colors or maybe you just wondering what they meant.