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Oh dear, oh dear, this made me go all "oogy", especially when I did a second read and saw, I leaned back and played with the brown blob with my big toe until it disappeared below the surface.

Good story, but definitely "oogy" :-)

I don't know what a wolf spider is but I know I wouldn't want to take a bath with one dead or alive. The intrigue of what was in the tub kept my interest all the way until the last period. Good job!
I don't do spiders. (I keep inching my leg as I write this, lol.) Great atmosphere, with the right edge of suspense, topped off by my girly scream and freaked out shudder at the end. Well done:)
A very well written piece! You kept me in suspense throughout the story, unsure what to expect with the creepy feeling of something shocking is about to happen, much like watching a horror movie. Great job at capturing your readers' attention and contrasting a storm within the calm of a spider and music.
Yes, you kept the suspense going. I, too, love a good bubble soak, and could feel your horror when you discovered your tub-mate. Well done!
ARGGGGGGHHHHH! If something like that happened to me, I'd never take another bath in that tub.
Unexpected ending. I was thinking along the lines of something a bit more disgusting-that a very young child might leave behind :)
The suspense was maintained throughout. Good writing.
Great writing. Those spiders lurk everywhere.I'm the spider killer in our house as my wife and kids hate em.
HAHAHA! I came here because of Deb's comment on the boards - I had to read it! Great job, Chrissy! I totally understand that one....they love tubs. I live in a basement so I see them pretty frequently. :) And congrats on 15th place! I know it's not an EC, but it's darn close!
Well done! The suspense was killing me! My back STILL hurts! Great job of writing!