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Fascinating images and a powerful piece.
What a gorgeous picture of how He can use His children, even in our fallen state. Your lovely word choices (love the word resplendent) create a warm, relaxing tone. Fabulous.
Beautiful thoughts, word choices, especially "First Inventor," "blistering desire" and "newly forged grooves." Great contrast with the present reality in your last stanza.

Is this a terzanelle (modified villanelle)? I know they are extremely difficult to write and you've created one full of images with a haunting longing. You've made me desire to go this orange place "where inspiration dwells." I could willingly lose myself in your words.
I could spend half a day with your entry and still not get all the richness from it! I'll be anxious to see how this is judged. It should be high!
I literally had to tear myself away to leave a comment. I don't know what the poetry form is (I'm sure Jan will tell us) but it's stunning and beautiful.
Very good. I loved the sounds and tempo. Refreshing; extremely refreshing.
This piece is pregnant with meaningful imagery. Thank you.

loved the line ".. gift bestowed by First Inventor." great imagery.
Awesome format. Loved the poetry and the message. Well done!
How sad that such bliss be so transitory – it is, after all, surely our natural state for which we are made. How sad that it is our own well-intentioned efforts that cause us to fall from perfection. If we could only just learn to just be.

This poem reminds me of something William Wordsworth wrote:
'Tis my faith that every flower
Enjoys the air it breathes!”

The flower’s beauty, its intoxicating fragrance is in a constant state of grace, because of the simple joy of being what it was made to be.

So to we strive to learn from the casual beautiful evidence that so effortlessly plays before us. Maybe we should be less like the Red Queen in Alice's Wonderland, always running in place - going nowhere. Maybe we should stand still and simply be.
I read through this several times and saw something different in it every time. I once, in my imagination, saw Anne of Green Gables quote this with all the flare and drama we all love about her. Impressive.
"the place where inspiration dwells" - now that is simply poetic genius ...

to quote a gifted poet "Resplendent!"
Creativity unbridled! I long to dwell in this "orange." I love this poem for the masterful choice of words, as well as the wonderful message.
'blistering desire to create' is what speaks to me in this entry. I conjure up VanGogh-type characters.
Makes me want to be smarter in order to savor this even more.

If I could write poetry this exquisite, I'd never write another word of prose. Perfect.
Beautiful words and images.
Ah HA! YOU wrote this! Wow, sister. I just read it again and wanted to weep at the end.
Wow. I have just recently started to appreciate poetry. Still can't seem to write it, but I am in awe of people who can. This was beautiful and very thought provoking.
In my opinion, what separates the good writer from the great writer is whether or not you can go beyond just the typical short story and write something with depth and beauty. It looks like you have stepped over the good line and into the great with this piece.
Absolutely gorgeous, Lisa! Congratulations!!
Congratulations on placing with this awesome poem. I've played it over and over in my mind like a much- loved melody.
Congratulations Lisa, beautiful work!
So glad to see this on the EC list! Congrats, Lisa!!!
Congrats Lisa on your EC! Excellent writing as always. :)
Congratulations! An extemely well written piece. I am very proud to see it recognized.
Wow and Wow. Congratulations on your EC, my Hui. :)
This week, as usual, you have definitely come from where inspiration dwells. A beautiful entry. Congratulations Lisa, and - if I can be so bold as to advise Jan A. Please, before you make any decisions about your writing future; you'd better weigh up the prose and cons.