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This is very powerful! I'd love to see this performed!
Having been involved in and taught performing arts, I can sometimes relate to scripted writing even better. Nice work!
I have a loved one in the midst of such darkness and who is listening to the enemy's lies, so this seemed very vivid to me. As I read your entry, I kept thinking, "Yep, he/she got it right." I have some issues with your theology in the closing paragraph, but understand this forum is not intended to grapple with doctrine? (not sure, though, because I'm pretty new here) I also think "Satan's" wording could've been more convincing if it were more subtle, since that is how he generally operates. Having said all this, I really do like this entry and think it could be a powerful tool. Keep writing!
This would be an ideal play for a Youth Group. Teens to share their faith with other teens.
Good job.
Excellent! I used to perform in a youth group drama team, and this would have been a powerful skit! You should consider publishing, or at least sharing it with a drama team.
Excellent script, it resonates personally for me. Good work!
Love the creativity of this. I could just picture this and think it would be extremely effective!! Great work!
Powerful. I was watching this unfold in my head as I read your words.