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There are so many single moms today that this story will speak to--letting them know that they're not alone. Hope they all find neighbors like your MC did. Loved the ending sentence as it points the reader towards hope for better tomorrows.
You did a great job with the mood of your characters, the flow and summing it up so gracefully.
Beautiful! I loved the example of real peace and joy the Blue family has.

I also liked the way you wrote about Robyn's conscience and her mother-love for her precious little one. Thank GOD that God's gift to us, mothers, of the mind, soul, heart and strength are there to give to our God-given children. Most importantly to give to our Heavenly Father.

I like this one! Very pleasant read.
Love the happy ending here, it makes a good read before bedtime. I like the thought of a "blue family" though, lol, blue house and blue denim, certainly paints a vibrant picture! ^_^
Wow, how did you manage so much in so short a story! This is very, very good, enjoyed it so much!

eh-hum, the Blue family wouldn't happen to be homeschoolers, would they? blue demin, brings back memories! lol
Perfect ending!
While reading this story a certain family who are friends of ours came to mind. They have 9 children with the oldest being 12. Some really do seem to know how to devote themselves in a special way. But, I just love your MC...her heart.
The story drew me in from the first sentence. You set the scenes beautifully - I was able to "see" both the mom and the boy, and watch the Blue Family as they frolicked. Thanks for making it so real!
This story flows beautifully. Robin has such depth - amazing writing.
I love Robin...she may be an imperfect mom, but her heart is so tender. This is a great story and it really drew me in. I didn't notice any lack because of word "chopping" at all!
I could really feel for Robin and her sense of guilt. So many working moms have been there too saying I can't. Yes, the Blue family should be in every neighborhood for such as these. Very nicely written.
I like this story. Being a single mom is very hard. You've created very believable characters.
I'll admit that, as a working mother (whose children turned out beautifully), this one raised my defensive hackles for a moment. I'm so glad that you portrayed the relationship between your MC and Micah as loving and healthy. I had a teeny problem with your last line--since your MC can't hear the capitalized "Him", she wouldn't know who the Blue girl was talking about, as your readers do.

Excellent characterization of both characters, very good dialogue, and a compelling read.
My guess is that the Blue family goes through just as many struggles, but they know who to turn to when things get tough.

This was a sweet story. I loved Micah. Such a cute kid. Thanks for sharing this, Amy. :)