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Very attention gripping! Although I have never experienced the death of anyone close it sounds the truest I've ever heard.
Have you been peeking into my soul?

Every word here reverberated. Excellent!
Your poetic prose flows so beautifully even though it deals with a subject most would not put into the category of "beautiful." Your use of sensory imagery is very good. I could see a "grief counselor" using this piece.
The pacing of this story is masterfully done, as is the handling of the subject. It reads like poetry and resonates like a psalm. Excellent.
Wow. Tremendously heart-stirring piece. Fabulous work!
I had to do more than just read this one...I had to sit still and consume it. Each line is so full of wonder and ache. Only a person who has lived depths of loss could put these words down.

Having experienced a boatload of grief in recent years, this piece touched my heart so much. You beautifully expressed what I have so often experienced - the power of music and praise to push back the darkness that can overwhelm and disable us. I do hope you find a venue for this - it needs to be shared with anyone who has gone through this kind of loss. Bless you!
Thank you. Your experience penned through the descriptive words of your soul, touched the many colors in my soul. Blessings.