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What an entertaining story. I loved that Emily was up to no good with the boys, and that they left her hanging. Absolutely perfect last line, too. I am still grinning:)
This is certainly a change of pace for you! I loved the dreary descriptions in the first third, because I just knew you were setting me up for some mischief. Fun use of simile there, too.
Any child that had to sit through long, drawn out sermons can relate to this one. It surely put a smile on my face. This moved along at a good pace and was easily entertaining.
Quite entertaining. Reminded me of mischief I participated in as a PK. Well done.
I thought this was adorable. Loved the mischievous MC, and loved the vivid descriptions. Two thumbs up.
Omigoodness, when I read this line: "Mrs. Wenford swelled like a steamed pudding tied with string" my coffee came spurting right out of my nose onto the computer screen! How funny is that! I can just picture Mrs. Wenford because every church has a few, dressed in the material appropriate for that age: voile. hehehehehe
What a great story. I hope you place at the very tip top with this one! Kudos!

A delightful fun story of mischief.Love the way the scene was set.
Oh, I like this. I loved your descriptions and the ending was perfect. You havea way with words.:0) Well done.:0)