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Love it—it's so comfortable. At the same time the story has an A-1 message. Well done.
Your conversational tone is perfect as you lead your reader along to a beautiful analogy. Great job.
The flow of this story is so comfortably written. Though the message is a very familiar one--it isn't overstated. So, your MC comes across as someone I'd like to know. Good job!
I love analogies and you fit into that category. Those of us who grew up on farms that raised sheep will especially appreciate this one.
Good message, told in a unique way. I liked the light hearted sheep flirting line. :)
Fun to read, and informative, too.

Since it's all one long monologue, you could dispense with the quotation marks altogether.

Wonderful, vivid imagery.
I really liked this. I even think it would fit well in a book of devotionals; you sprinkled spiritual truth throughout. Well done.
This is a wonderful analogy. You've taken the time honored "Shepherd and flock" theme and made it new. Kudos.
I really liked this. :-)
We sheep can get ourselves in a heap of trouble. This flows easily and makes for a nice read.

This felt very authentic. I could tell how much the shepherd knew about and cared about his flock. Well done!
What a great piece of writing. You'll place high with this one! Kudos!