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I wondered if this was you...

Honestly, I didn't quite get it. I was a bit confused, but thought the mom's transition from not wanting the baby to loving it was neatly done.
I DEFINITELY get it! :)

You've created an out-of-the-box, but spot-on-topic story. You have a few tense changes that threw me briefly and a couple awkward sentences, but I was pulled into the oracle's birth experience! Super emotions and characterization. You wove so much backstory in, that I was never lost.
Oooh, I really liked this! I agree with Lisa that it had a Matrix vibe going, but yet still very original. Well done!
Yes, I get it (due to your last word). This is awesome writing--a wonderful story, but I have to admit that I kept going back to your description of "a whisper of a girl." I loved that!
I, too, liked the transition from the mother hating her unborn child to loving her son.
Awesome glimpse into a fascinating fantasy world. A few places where the writing could be tightened up, but I thoroughly enjoyed the peek into this poor woman's spirit.
Put me in Karlene's corner...I had a hard time understanding it the first time, but did much better the second time. :)

That being said, even when I wasn't "getting it," your writing kept me captivated, and reading.

Very good "out of the box" story for this topic.
Great writing in this field of fantasy. Nicely done.
Yes, I agree your story-telling skills are top-notch. Not my kind of read as I don't care much for fantasy-otherworld. But, it is on topic and looks like you have an audience who do get it.
Awesome story! You always have stories that need sequels.
I didn't 'get it' either, however, your writing is wonderful and I was drawn into the story because of it. I like fantasy/allegorical stories, but I think I need 'more' to get it.
While I admit I didn't really get it either, it made me want to go find "the rest of the story". You have great story telling skills!