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Loving God! Loving each other! Loved the simple yet profound truths you conveyed in your story! May we not MISS it because we've made it so complicated! Great job!
What a nice observation you've put into beautiful words. Very nicely written. :)
Powerful teachings, well delivered. I did feel a twinge of regret that there wasn't more about the Susquehanna River - it really drew me in at the beginning! I will remember your thesis question: "So, what will it take to transform us from sightseers to residents of the kingdom of Heaven?"
Beautiful thoughts well told!
Very well written and insightful. A great reminder of where we should set our sights... great job.
Blessings, Lynda
A good lesson, and enjoyed the bit of history :) We do need to keep hearing the gospel, day after day!
It is true we are reduced to sightseers when it comes to God's glory, rather than bask in it.
First paragraph sparkles with similes. Well done!
Lessons of truth. We need constant reminders of the scriptures lest we forget. Beautifully written.
Very good insight. This is a great devotional piece. Death is a key word - death to self, selfishness, self-centeredness - so that we can minister to others!
I truly enjoyed the way that you set this article up, to catch our eye and show us that there is more to our faith, than worldly attractions. The point it seemed as Beth said, make us see that we really should be looking towards the goal, and focus on Jesus. Great article, well written. God bless, littlelight