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Ours was black and her name was Betsey. She spent all winter in the garage, up on blocks. If cars really could talk, I'm sure she would have echoed Scarlet's words. Nicely done.
Very enjoyable story on topic, and I didn't see the end coming.
Oh, I'm SURE our cars can think--if only they could talk! I really enjoyed this story and the wonderful and affectionate memories that Scarlet loves.
Great descriptions and ending. You got me.
Clever you! :) Scarlet--the car!--has a poetic soul. Imagine that. Very nice and "homey" feeling. :)
Poor Scarlet. So glad she got to go for that ride in the country. Sweet entry;)
As beautifully written as your descriptions of Spring bursting out all over, I was hankering for more info about Scarlet as I was reading. That's the only thing I would change: weave a bit more about Scarlet (still keeping your surprise for the final paragraph) through the reverie in her memory bank :)
I enjoyed this so much. You have wonderful descriptions "Bright yellow forsythia waved in the breeze to entice drowsy bees that were nosing around" and "housewives hung white sheets on drooping clotheslines" are a few of my favorites. Very nice!!
Your imagination knew no bounds with this one, my friend. You keep surprising me with the masterful way you approach each of your entries and all are so good that I'm green with envy. I've heard of people naming their cars but this went way beyond that into the delightful and imaginative. You're the best!
My mind immediately identified a little old lady in a nursing home... that is until the last paragraph. Good writing!
Absolutely delightful. I love it when an author can trick me - looks like the makings of a good mystery writer here.
Very creative with awesome descriptive phrases. I could close my eyes and picture Spring, along with Scarlet. Well written.
Beautiful descriptions and a clever wee twist. Nice!
Heehee! you got me! I really didn't quite think that poor scarlet was a car. Very nicely done, the twist at the end is simply superb!
Oh my! You got me, too! What a creative take on the topic.
No one does it like Verna. Always unique...and special.
Do others take a ride in the country nowdays? I know I still do. As a child I used to take a Sunday ride with my grandmother. Always bought me an ice cream cone and would not let me eat the cone...said it was for holding the ice cream. I so wanted that cone. I'll never forget it.