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A fun read! Great work.
Very nice.I'm still laughing...
LOL - I loved this! Too much fun. Great story telling and creative angle on "retreat."
Well done!
Blessings, Lynda
Oh I can't stand it! That was great- wish I wrote it! (Just this week-end I was watching long-haired hooligans and swaying outside!)
My great-grandmother used to tell me how her people called her a holy-roller after she was converted. I only wish she could have read your story! What a hoot!
This was FUN! I loved the take on retreat! Blessing to you.
Fun and delightful! I loved the allusion to Druids - funny! Good job.
Good story...good contrasts, sad and funny at the same time.
This one left me chuckling, too. Good job.
I loved this! Creative from a great angle!

I enjoyed this entry. Some of what goes on in charismatic churches is considered strange by outsiders. And anytime the church moves outside the four walls it is regarded with suspicion. The dialogue was very plausible, and I could almost see a Don Knotts type individual playing the part of the person reporting on the 'cult'. I was trying to figure out if the main character was called in to take the report because his coworkers wanted to rib him about being a Christian. Great job!
this was a funny read. The things that the world just doesn't understand! Great writing!
LOL -Awesome!!! A very clever story :)
fun read! How it helps to have a sense of humour and proportion in the work place!