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When I travel to the northern parts of Michigan, sit on the edge of the river or stare out across Lake Superior, I find myself experiencing the calm that your devotional speaks of. I find myself feeling as though Jesus stands beside me, hand outstretched, showing me His handiwork. WOW!
This is so vividly described and evocative! Well done.
You created a vivid picture with words. At first, I was put off with the second person POV, but as the piece continued, I enjoyed it since it wasn't preachy. Good job.
You used a TON of adjectives, which is normally a no-no; yet it didn't seem overly done (even though somehow it registered with me). The fourth paragraph was great!
This was sooooo relaxing..."And I shall give you rest."

Very charming piece that brought back wonderful memories. Thanks!
Ahhh... I feel refreshed just reading this. Very well done. Thank you.
I agree about the 4th paragraph. I could feel, hear, smell and see the gentle lapping of the waves. This is such a restful, pleasant entry. I hope the judges look very favorably on it! Kudos!
A story written in 2nd person usually irritates me. This well-written entry didn't. I felt serenity myself at the end.
It was hard to read at the beginning, because I am not a fan of second person. But then, I loved it. I could feel myself there. Great job.
Lovely descriptions, it brought me right there.
I like the POV, except for in the 2nd paragraph; the fishing "memories" won't resonate with everyone - - but the rest of this beautiful piece does (or at least it does with me). The transition into the Bible verse flows naturally, and the ending left me feeling uplifted.