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Superb title, and beautifully written. This could almost be a novel, so rich it is in inferred "back story." I wanted more, but I was also very satisfied, because of the superb emotional content.
Very, very rich in details between the lines. I had to read it twice to be sure I'd gotten everything this wonderful story has to offer. Well done.
This was beautifully heavy and emotional...very deep. I loved the title, and how you played the ah-ha moment at the very end. Wonderful.
Love the way you were able to weave everything together to make a perfect tapestry of many lives and how each, in its own way, affects the other.
Rich in emotion, detail, and character, this is an excellently written story.
This story line and your writing of it explains just why you are in Masters. It kept my attention from the first word to the last. The title fits the content beautifully. This was a pleasure to read. Laura
It's working now. I wasn't getting this little box to type in.

Anyway, I love your story. There's so much more to tell. I want to know what the sister was convicted of... why Simon feels so responsible... etc. Like the other commenters, you could really work this into a novel. IMHO
Yes, I have many unanswered questions; I'd like to read more. Very interesting and I love the title.
Ahh, very well done. So rich with details and having so much added to each character in the short space provided. I loved this. I wanted to read more and see what would happen to these two. So very well done! Excellent stuff!