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I enjoyed this story. It gives just the right amount of detail,and seems to flow so effortlessly. Really, really beautiful.
Well told tale.

Being mountain born myself and growing up in a tar paper shack, I look back and I realize that there was more true wisdom and real life authenticity in those mountain folks than I first believed.
Well written with good pace and a great ending.
Great characterization and descriptions. I was completely caught up in the story and enjoyed the happy ending.
I liked this very much. It reminded me a lot of Christy. I like how you revealed your MC's identity at the end.
Very well done. I could really "see" the characters here and I loved the ending!
This is really good. Really really good. Too many reallys?
I thought of Christy, too. This was exceedingly well written. I hope you place high with this entry. Big time kudos!!!
Interesting story. Reminded me of Christy :)
Love the way this reads, really well done. I'm glad that Ol' Beelzebub did get baptized and I loved the detail of his shotgun going everywhere with him.
Wow! Awesome story! YOu did a great job with this.

I think you could have started it with just jumping right into the story.

Lots of great detail in here and I love that it's based on a true story.

What are ramps?
Great detail and descriptions. Very well written. Well done!
Very nice story. This story is like a snapshot of history!
This well-written story was extremely interesting and I loved the ending. Excellent job, Mona. Laura