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Great descriptions. I could picture the story in my mind while reading.
A well-told tale. Enjoyed.
I enjoyed reading this story. It kept me interested all the way to the end. Loved every character and the title is irresistable.
"What is in a name?" Not a lot for Thomas Brenton Taylor or Theodore Johnston, but for Duke, Rev, and Snake there's rather a lot, and I think you did well at using that.

The old preacher seemed like a bit of a flat character, a bit too purely pious and disinterested in the world, as though he were merely planted in to give his minute sermon.

Strangely my favourite player in this piece was perhaps Carl, who came across as very human: sometimes hurting, sometimes hard, sometimes even slightly humourous; in spite of his going to be tried for murder.
Interesting...even compelling. You put me in the scene and I could see each character so clearly. Personally, I loved the Rev. An old war horse for Christ. Just wonderful!
Really enjoyed this descriptive and very interesting story. Well told and well written.

It's tough to cover all the details of the preachers conversations with Snake. I'm sure the ride wasn't silent, given Snake offered his name at the end for the preacher's prayers. Other than a typo near the end, (deliver[y]) this was top notch.
Title, story, dialogue, scenery- I loved the whole thing, regardless of a couple oops.
Very compelling piece, written in such a manner that the reader is free to envision the characters and scenery. The preacher is not an afterthought - we encounter new people every day as we journey thru life - some will have but a few words to say, but those few words are what God needed us to hear at that moment. Very good job!
This was fantastic! I am so glad that you placed with it! Congratulations, Joy.
Congratulations! 3rd place in Advance and 18th overall.
Great Job!
Very nicely done. Casper first got my attention-it's where my father lived for many years. But this is the kind of story I love to read--open and simple and asking us to just enjoy!