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What a list of things she tried to fill the emptiness … My heart ached for her. Your ending is powerful.
I loved painted a perfect image of guilt saturated mourning, and the key to letting it go. Superb writing; one of my favorites this week!
You allowed us to feel the pain your mc was feeling, we felt her hopeless, her need to silence the pain. The ending...having to empty herself so God could fill her up...POWERFUL.
Wow, I felt the pain and agony of being trapped in a tortured mind. Excellent detail and descriptions!
You did a great job of showing pain and guilt together...and hope. You're good at describing, for sure.
Very powerful writing! And the last line reminded me of the gospel song,"Fill my cup, Lord, I lift it up, Lord..."
You can be proud of this entry.
So many people are trying to fill their lives with everything but Jesus...thanks for reminding us all that He is the only one who truly satisfies