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I like the inner peace the mc has found. I'm not sure the dictionary definition of "crone" supports the way you have defined it. However, your meaning of the term is clear from your writing and I enjoyed your story.
Amen, preach it sister. Can totally identify with the voice of your MC. good- no, great descriptions and use of words. yes, living well is the best revenge. and letting go brings more healing and peace then one can imagine. "Become better not bitter" Very sweet!
Well done. How true is your message and how sweet to let go of wrong doings and the past, learn from it and grow and dwell on the sweetness the Lord has given. I liked the voice of the M C. I too have become a crone, middle aged, and sometimes have allowed myself what I thought was the luxury of self pity and complaint but praise the Lord there is so much more richness in praise and trusting in His promises, isn't there? Hallelujah. Again great job hon.Lord bless ya, sister "crone." Grin.