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Clever idea--and since it's obviously tongue-in-cheek, I won't question the theology of there being an altercation in heaven! I just went along for the ride, and an enjoyable ride it was!
The title drew me in and didn't disappoint. I agree, probably not too many altercations in heaven, even so, the story was fun to read as the patriarch's tried to outdo each other. Loved the reminder at the end about Jesus' sufferings. Sometimes we glamorize what he had to endure, which was indeed the darkest of times. Well done!
Oh this is good! I relaly enjoyed this piece. Humorous and good comparison's. yes, no one could ever compare to the darkness our Lord had to go through to bring us into His light. Praise the Lord for his willingness to suffer and for his mercy! Well done!
Very clever. I was thinking of the cross too.
Very nicely done! The beginning to your story was riveting, the ending was perfect, and all in between was well-told! Good job!
Heehee! Good job with this one, I had to chuckle and I love the ending, oliver was a great character!
Your descriptions were very well-written and you really showed what these men experienced. :) I liked the friendly banter in this piece.
There may not be altercations in Heaven, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a little elbow-jabbing and winking. lol Very creative.
Love the title, and the whole thing was quite an enjoyable read...nicely done!