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I like the description of the birds, the fields, and the snow... Having lived in Kansas for four neat years, it brought back memories. I especially loved the color of the wheat and milo just before harvest! Good picture of the farms and land, and God's great seasons.
I enjoyed this gentle, rhythmic piece about the land and how it changes with the seasons.

You had some nice descriptions such as: "Beyond the window, the porch swing would sometimes stir with ghosts, back and forth, back and forth," and also the part about the freshly plowed field rows looking like a lady's lovingly combed tresses.

It made me wish I could go visit that place and that time! Good job! :)

I was transported to the farm by the vivid descriptions. I also enjoyed the mc learning to count by counting the window panes, great touch.
Great descriptions in this piece. You made the farm and it's field come to life. There is a lot of depth in your love of the land.
Vivid descriptions of a place I would like to visit. Nicely written.
Your story makes me want to go back to my childhood on my uncle's farm. Wonderful description of the field by season.
It takes a special writer to take the common, everyday and paint a picture so rich and glorious. That is what you did.
When I read your writing, I slow down and savor each word.
In this age of canned and frozen everything we lose touch with the rhythms of the seasons. This was a rich piece of writing which reminds us to pause and thank God for the wonder of His world. Well done!
I really like this. I saw each scene as you unfolded it so well. Great take on the topic.
Visually wonderful and full of descriptions that would make a poet envious. Great job.
Absolutely lovely pictures here.
Ahh, a country boy!! Me, too. (country girl I mean!):)

A soothing, gentle piece of writing, Jim.